Empathy mapping

Making a world map of human experiences.

Stories shape the way we see the world, but I couldn’t find a place to share and experience them the way I wanted, so I’m working on that now.


Gold Dust Stories

I finished the basic functionality of the site around the time a historic bar where Janis Joplin used to drink was about to lose its location. I made a page to collect stories about the last dive bar in Union Square and helped them with last their party to raise awareness and support. Now it’s a Limited 🙁


SXSW “launch”

Right after that, I ended up being on a hackathon bus to Austin for SXSW. I was working on another project but I wanted to get feedback about Cornerstory, so I threw a huge party. Or I guess more specifically, I made an Eventbrite which somehow got on some automatic spam list and 379 people RSVPd. Finding a convenient venue, booking entertainment, collecting stories for a zine, assembling and printing hard copies of the zine and planning everything else for a party within 24 hours during the middle of SXSW was kind of a long story, watch for updates ;).